Total Drama:Battle Of The All Stars


There were sixteen contestants overall, divided into two tribes, Butu and Ackee. After six contestants were eliminated, the tribes were combined, or merged, to form one tribe, Zaboca. Seven contestants made up the jury, who ultimately decided who would win the game, and the $1 million grand prize.

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Owen Butu 16th 6
Beth Ackee 15th 6
Heather Ackee 14th 6
Trent Butu 13th 5
Geoff Ackee 12th 4
Dawn Butu 11th 5
Alejandro Butu Tebanka 10th 9
Cody Butu Tebanka 9th/8th 5
Sierra Butu Tebanka 9th/8th 1
Bridgette Ackee Tebanka 7th 4
Zoey Butu Tebanka 6th 4
Mike Butu Tebanka 5th 3
Gwen Ackee Tebanka 4th 2
Duncan Ackee Tebanka 3rd 1/7
Lindsay Ackee Tebanka 2nd 3/7
Courtney Ackee Tebanka 1st 4/7

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eliminated: Owen 6/8 Beth 6/8 Heather 6/7 Trent 5/7 Geoff 4/6 Dawn 5/6 Alejandro 9/10 Cody 5/9 Sierra 1/9 Bridgette 4/7 Zoey 4/6 Mike 3/5 Gwen 2/4
Voter Vote
Courtney Beth Heather Geoff Alejandro Cody Bridgette Zoey Mike Gwen
Lindsay Heather Heather Geoff Alejandro Mike Courtney Zoey Mike Gwen
Duncan Beth Heather Geoff Alejandro Cody Courtney Courtney Gwen Lindsay
Gwen Beth Heather Geoff Alejandro Sierra Bridgette Zoey Mike Courtney
Mike Owen Trent Dawn Alejandro Cody Bridgette Zoey Gwen
Zoey Owen Trent Dawn Alejandro Cody Bridgette Courtney
Bridgette Beth Heather Duncan Alejandro Cody Duncan
Sierra Owen Trent Dawn Alejandro Mike
Cody Owen Trent Dawn Alejandro Mike
Alejandro Owen Sierra Dawn Lindsay
Dawn Owen Trent Alejandro
Geoff Beth Heather Courtney
Trent Alejandro Sierra
Heather Beth Gwen
Beth Heather
Owen Alejandro
Jury vote
Finalist: Duncan Lindsay Courtney
Juror Vote
Gwen Duncan
Mike Lindsay
Zoey Lindsay
Bridgette Courtney
Cody Courtney
Sierra Courtney
Alejandro Lindsay