(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Place
Izzy 12th/11th
Katie 10th/9th
Zoey 9th
Courtney 8th(Quit)
Heather 7th
Gwen 6th
Jen 5th
Bridgette 4th
Lindsay 3rd
Dakota 2nd
Dawn 1st

Call-out orderEdit

Tyra’s Call-out Order
1 Dawn Bridgette Lindsay Lindsay Jen Bridgette Dawn Lindsay Dawn Dawn
2 Zoey Courtney Heather Heather Bridgette Jen Bridgette Dakota Dakota Dakota
3 Lindsay Heather Dawn Dawn Gwen Dawn Lindsay Dawn Lindsay
4 Heather Gwen Jen Jen Dakota Lindsay Dakota Bridgette
5 Bridgette Dakota Gwen Gwen Lindsay Dakota Jen
6 Courtney Dawn Bridgette Bridgette Dawn Gwen
7 Izzy* Zoey Dakota Dakota Heather
8 Dakota Lindsay Courtney Courtney*
9 Gwen Sadie Zoey
10 Katie Katie
11 Sadie
12 Sierra
  • Cut A Girl's Hair Disqulifed
  • Quit


  • Bridgette-Dyed Red
  • Courtney-Dyed Black;Got Cut Off By Izzy;Then Longer Dyed Ombre
  • Dakota-Dyed Brown Cut
  • Dawn-Dyed Brown Longer
  • Gwen-Longer Dyed Red
  • Heather-Dyed Darker with Yellow Stricks
  • Izzy-Cut
  • Jen-Dyed Ice Blonde
  • Katie-Dyed Red
  • Lindsay-Dyed Chocolte Brown(Again)
  • Sadie-Dyed Red Curly
  • Sierra-Dyed Blonde
  • Zoey-Dyed Reder