Total Drama Next Top Model Comeback

Episode summariesEdit

The Girl Who Cries HomeEdit

  • First call-out:Heather
  • Bottom two: Jazmine & Blanlity
  • Eliminated: Blanlity

The Girl Who Wants OutEdit

  • First call-out: Dawn
  • Bottom two: Beth & Sierra
  • Eliminated: Beth

The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry SaysEdit

  • First call-out: Bridgette
  • Bottom two: Sierra & Jazmine
  • Eliminated: Jazmine

The Girl Who Sings For Alicia KeysEdit

  • First call-out: Courtney
  • Bottom two: Leshawna & Dakota
  • Eliminated: Dakota

The Girl Who Gets Pwn'dEdit

  • First call-out: Sierra
  • Bottom two: Izzy & Lindsay
  • Eliminated: Izzy

The Girl Who Licks the FloorEdit

  • First call-out: Gwen
  • Bottom two: Dawn & Leshawna
  • Eliminated: Leshawna

The Girl Who Comes OutEdit

  • First call-out: Gwen
  • Bottom two: Dawn & Courtney
  • Eliminated: Dawn

The Girls Go To JamaicaEdit

  • First call-out: Lindsay
  • Bottom two: Heather & Courtney
  • Eliminated: Courtney

The Girl Who Becomes Art For TyraEdit

  • First call-out: Bridgette
  • Bottom two: Lindsay & Sierra
  • Eliminated: Sierra

The Girl Who Gets The BootEdit

  • First call-out: Heather
  • Bottom two: Lindsay & Gwen
  • Eliminated: Gwen

The Girl Who Freaks Out On HorsebackEdit

  • First call-out: Lindsay
  • Bottom two: Bridgette & Heather
  • Eliminated: Heather

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top ModelEdit

  • Final Two: Lindsay & Bridgette
  • Total Drama's Next Top Model: Lindsay


Call-out orderEdit

Tyra's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Heather Dawn Bridgette Courtney Sierra Gwen Gwen Lindsay Bridgette Heather Lindsay Lindsay
2 Lindsay Heather Courtney Gwen Bridgette Heather Heather Sierra Heather Bridgette Bridgette Bridgette
3 Bridgette Gwen Heather Izzy Dawn Courtney Bridgette Bridgette Gwen Lindsay Heather
4 Izzy Bridgette Gwen Bridgette Heather Lindsay Lindsay Gwen Lindsay Gwen
5 Courtney Courtney Izzy Heather Gwen Bridgette Sierra Heather Sierra
6 Dawn Dakota Lindsay Sierra Leshawna Sierra Courtney Courtney
7 Sierra Lindsay Dawn Dawn Courtney Dawn Dawn
8 Dakota Izzy Leshawna Lindsay Lindsay Leshawna
9 Gwen Jazmine Dakota Leshawna Izzy
10 Leshawna Leshawna Sierra Dakota
11 Jazmine Sierra Jazmine
12 Beth Beth
13 Blandly