• Theme:Hair
  • First Call Out:Amy Blue
  • Bottom Two:Cherry Ward & Francine Smith
  • Eliminated:Francine Smith


  • Theme:Club
  • First Call Out:Audrey Arther
  • Bottom Two:Morgan Banks & Cherry Ward
  • Eliminated:Cherry Ward

Colors + Prom = Colored PromEdit

Contestant Color
J.C Navy
Kayla Green
Amy Red
Candice Purple
Audrey Orange
Hailey White
Marcy Blue
Morgan Pink
Zoe Grey
Heather Brick
Bridgette Yellow
  • Theme:Colored Dresses
  • First Call Out:Bridgette Summers
  • Bottom Two:Candice Marshall & Zoe Anderson
  • Eliminated:Zoe Anderson

Girls Dream!Edit

  • Theme:Skirts
  • First Call Out:Morgan Banks
  • Bottom Three:Candice Marshall,Kayla Oh & Amy Blue
  • Eliminated:Kayla Oh & Candice Marshall

The Best of The RestEdit

Pair Outfit Who Won
Amy & Audrey Short Dress,No Straps Audrey
J.C & Bridgette Long Ballgowns Bridgette
Heather & Morgan Dress Heather
Marcy & Hailey Fall Outfits Hailey
  • Theme:Who Wore It Better
  • First Call Out:Heather Oh
  • Bottom Two:Morgan Banks & J.C Crystal
  • Eliminated:J.C Cyrstal

Mirror Mirror On The WallEdit

Contestant Character
Audrey Alice
Marcy Rapunzel
Morgan Little Red Riding Hood
Heather Goldilocks
Bridgette Snow White
Amy Ariel
Hailey Cinderella
  • Theme:Modern Fairy Tale Characters
  • First Call Out:Audrey Arthur
  • Bottom 2:Heather Oh & Hailey Arthur
  • Eliminated:Hailey Arthur

Fairy FairyEdit

  • Theme:Disney Faries
  • First Call Out:Heather Oh
  • Bottom 2:Marcy Green & Morgan Banks
  • Eliminated:Morgan Banks

The ReturneeEdit

Contestant Outfit Episode it's from
Audrey Alice & Wonderland Outfit Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Marcy Makeover Makeovers!
Hailey White Dress Colors + Prom = Colored Prom
Heather Vidia Dress Fairy Fairy
Bridgette Skirt Outfit Girls Dream!
Amy Makeover Makeovers!
  • Returnee:Hailey Arthur
  • Theme:Favorite Outfit from The Show.
  • First Call Out:Audrey Arther
  • Bottom 2:Bridgette Summers & Amy Blue
  • Eliminated:Bridgette Summers

At The Beach!Edit

  • Theme:Swimsuits
  • First Call Out:Marcy Green
  • Bottom 2:Amy Blue & Audrey Arthur
  • Eliminated:Amy Blue

Audrey In Wonderland?Edit

Contestant Character
Audrey Alice
Marcy White Rabbit
Heather Madd Hatter
Hailey Queen Of The Hearts
  • Theme:Alice & Wonderland
  • First Call Out:Marcy Green
  • Bottom 2:Hailey Arthur & Heather Oh
  • Eliminated:None

The Finale Part 1:Edit

Contestant Villains Heroes
Heather Herself N/A
Marcy N/A Wonder Women
Hailey Marceline The Vampire Queen N/A
Audrey N/A Princess Bubblegum
  • Theme:Heroes vs Villains
  • First Call Out:Heather Oh
  • Bottom 3:Audrey Arthur,Marcy Green & Hailey Arthur
  • Eliminated:Audrey Arthur

The Finale Part 2:Edit

Contestant Power Puff Girl
Heather Buttercup
Marcy Bubbles
Hailey Blossom
  • Theme:Powerpuff Girls
  • First Call Out:Marcy Green
  • Bottom 2:Heather Oh & Hailey Arthur
  • Eliminated:Heather Oh

The Finale Part 3:Edit

  • Theme:Simply Beauty Shot
  • Finale 2:Hailey Arthur & Marcy Green
  • Winner:Marcy Green
  • Eliminated:Hailey Arthur
  • Guest Stars:Heather Oh,Audrey Arthur,Amy Blue,Bridgette Summers & Morgan Banks


Contestant Stereotype Age Outcome Place
Francine Smith The Designer 18 Eliminated Episode 1 13th
Cheyenne "Cherry" Ward The Cherokee Pacifist 20 Eliminated Episode 2 12th
Zoe Anderson The Indie Chick 19 Eliminated Episode 3 11th
Candice Marshall The Funniest Girl Around 18 Eliminated Episode 4 10th/9th
Kayla Oh The Wild Child 19
Jacqueline "J.C" Crystal The Drama 21 Eliminated Episode 5 8th
Morgan Banks Cheerleadering Captain 17 Eliminated Episode 7 6th
Bridgette Summers The Surfer Girl 18 Eliminated Episode 8 6th
Amy Blue The Friendly Girl 18 Eliminated Episode 9 5th
Audrey Arthur The Prettie Girl Sister 19 Eliminated Episode 10 4th
Heather Oh The Queen Bee 19 Eliminated Episode 11 3rd
Hailey Arthur The Prettie Girl 19 Eliminated Episode 6
Comeback Episode 8
Marcy Green The Shy Sweetheart 17 WINNER 1st


Call-out orderEdit

Tyra's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4* 5 6 7 8* 9 10* 11
1 Amy Audrey Bridgette Morgan Heather Audrey Heather Audrey Marcy Marcy Heather Marcy Marcy
2 J.C Hailey Hailey Bridgette Hailey Morgan Audrey Heather Hailey Audrey Marcy Hailey Hailey
3 Marcy Bridgette Heather Heather Bridgette Marcy Bridgette Hailey Heather Hailey Hailey Heather
4 Bridgette Heather Marcy Hailey Audrey Amy Amy Marcy Audrey Heather Audrey
5 Hailey Marcy J.C. Marcy Amy Bridgette Marcy Amy Amy
6 Heather Candice Audrey Audrey Marcy Heather Morgan Bridgette
7 Zoe Kayla Kayla J.C Morgan Hailey
8 Audrey Amy Amy Amy J.C
9 Morgan J.C Morgan Kayla
10 Candice Zoe Candice Candice
11 Kayla Morgan Zoe
12 Cherry Cherry
13 Francine
  • Double Elimination
  • Someone Cameback
  • No One Got Eliminated


  • Francine-Dyed Blonde,Cut to Shoulders.
  • J.C-Straightened,Cut.
  • Kayla-Dyed Black Cut.
  • Amy-Dyed Blonde,Cut.
  • Candice-Dyed Black,Curly.
  • Audrey-Dyed Blonde.
  • Hailey-Straightened.
  • Cherry-Straightened.
  • Marcy-Dyed Chocolate Brown,Extinctions,Straightened.
  • Morgan- Ombre,then Dyed Blonde.
  • Zoe-Waver,Longer.
  • Heather-Dyed Chocolate Brown.
  • Bridgette-Dyed Lemon Blonde.