Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

  • Bridgette as Tinkerbell
  • Zoey as Queen Clarion
  • Dakota as Rosetta
  • Dawn as Fawn
  • Gwen as Silvermist
  • Heather as Vidia
  • Lindsay as Periwinkle
  • Chris as Dewey, the Keeper

Recurring CastEdit

  • Leshawna as Iridessa
  • Izzy as Spike
  • Trent as Lord Milori

Fairy HistoryEdit

Fairy/Sorrow Man Movies
Tinkerbell (1) Lost Treasure (2) Great Fairy Rescue (3) Pixie Hollow Games (4) Secret
Wings (5)
Pirate Fairy (6) Never Beast (7)
Tinkerbell                                          Main
Fawn                                          Main
Rosetta                                          Main
Silvermist                                          Main
Vidia                                          Main
Periwinkle Main
Queen Clarion Main Main
Dewey, the Keeper Main
Iridessa Main Cameo
Spike Main
Lord Milori Main