Call Out OrderEdit

Tyra’s Call-out Order
Order Episodes 10-15 China
1 Adam Leila Will Jiana Lenox Lenox Lenox Alexandra* Renee Phil Will Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra
2 Alexandra Chris Leila Chris Adam Jiana Will Renee* Phil Jiana Jiana Will Jiana Renee Renee
3 Bello Jiana Renee Lenox Jiana Chris Adam Will* Adam Renee Renee Renee Renee Jiana
4 Brayant Dustin Chris Phil Alexandra Adam Chris Phil* Alexandra Will Phil Jiana Will
5 Chris Courtney Lenox Courtney Renee Will Renee Chris* Will Alexandra Alexandra Phil
6 Courtney Lacey Lacey Lacey Courtney Alexandra Alexandra Lenox* Jiana Adam Adam
7 Dustin Adam Courtney Renee Phil Renee Jiana Adam* Chris Chris
8 Jiana Renee Dustin Will Will Courtney Phil Jiana* Lenox
9 Lacey Lenox Adam Alexandra Dustin Phil Courtney Courtney*
10 Leila Phil Alexandra Adam Chris Dustin
11 Lenox Will Jiana Dustin Lacey
12 Phil Alexandra Phil Leila
13 Renee Bryant Bryant
14 Will Bello
  • All Group Members were counted as one place Blue Team;Alexandra,Renne and Will placed 1st.Orange Team;Phil,Chris and Lenox and Pink Team;Adam,Jiana and Courtney.

Top Model: Cycle 4


  • Adam:Buzzed
  • Alexandra:Chocolate Brown
  • Brayant:Highlights,Trimmed
  • Chris:Icy Blonde
  • Courtney:Lightened
  • Dustin:Black and Blonde
  • Jiana:Longer
  • Lacey:Dyed Darker
  • Leila:Golden Blonde
  • Lenox:Cut
  • Phil:Jesus Weave
  • Renee:Black and Stright
  • Will:Lightened

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