Episode 1Edit

  • Quit: Rihanna Atwood
  • Replacement: Chris White
  • First call-out: Raina Hein
  • Bottom two: Natalie Peck & Nicole Linkletter
  • Eliminated: Natalie Peck

Episode 2Edit

  • First call-out: Jaclyn Poole
  • Bottom two: Victoria Henley & Brooke Miller
  • Quit: Victoria Henley
  • Eliminated: Brooke Miller

Episode 3Edit

  • First call-out: Chris White
  • Bottom two: Heather Kuzmich & Chelsey Hersley
  • Eliminated: Heather Kuzmich


Previous Season Contestant Previous Rank Rank This Season
Cycle 18 Eboni Davis 5th Winner
Cycle 11 Analeigh Tipton 3rd Runner-up
Cycle 10 Katarzyna Dolinska 5th 3rd
Cycle 18 Annaliese Dayes 3rd 4th
Cycle 18 Alisha White 4th 5th
Cycle 9 Bianca Golden 4th 8th/9th
Cycle 10 Dominique Reighard 4th 5th
Cycle 11 Sheena Sakai 6th 13th
Cycle 11 Isis King 10th 12th
Cycle 12 Allison Harvard 2nd 2nd
Cycle 13 Laura Kirkpatrick 2nd 4th
Cycle 14 Angelea Preston 3rd/4th 3rd
Cycle 15 Kayla Ferrel 3rd/4th 8th/9th
Cycle 16 Alexandria Everett 4th 7th

Call-out orderEdit

Tyra's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes 9-12 New Zeland
1 Raina Jaclyn Chris Brittany Kyle Raina Jessica Caridee Jessica Chris Chris Jessica
2 Chelsey Chelsey Kristin Raina Jaclyn Chris Chelsey Chris Chelsey Chelsey Jessica Chris
3 Victoria Chris Jaclyn Jaclyn Jessica Caridee Caridee Jaclyn Chris Jessica Chelsey
4 Chris Caridee Brittany Chelsey Chris Jaclyn Raina Chelsey Caridee Caridee
5 Caridee Heather Caridee Kyle Brittany Jessica Jaclyn Jessica Jaclyn
6 Kristin Jessica Nicole Caridee Chelsey Kyle Chris Raina
7 Jessica Brittany Jessica Kristin Caridee Chelsey Kyle
8 Heather Kyle Raina Chris Raina Brittany
9 Kyle Raina Kyle Jessica Kristin
10 Jaclyn Nicole Chelsey Nicole
11 Brittany Kristin Heather
12 Brooke Brooke
13 Nicole Victoria
14 Natalie
15 Rhianna*
  • Rhianna Quit and Chris Replaced Her.


  • Brooke:Chocolate Brown
  • Kristin:Clic And Long
  • Heather:Stright and Partrd
  • Nicole:Curly and Dyed Deep Red
  • Raina:Chocolate Brown Highlights
  • Kyle:Dyed Black and Long
  • Chrlsey:Dyed Gray Ombre
  • Brittany:Half Black and Half White
  • Victoria:Half Hair Shaved
  • Jaclyn:Bowl Cut
  • Jessica:Lighter Brown and Trimmed
  • Caridee:Blonde Hair Extensions
  • Chris:Big and Curly