The twentieth cycle of America's Next Top Model (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls 2 and stylized as America's Next Top Model 2.1) premiered on August 9, 2013.


The prizes for this cycle are: a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management, a spread in Nylon magazine, and a US$100,000 campaign with Guess.

The following prizes that were removed for this cycle were: a modeling contract with LA Models & NY Model Management, the face of the America’s Next Top Model perfume product "Dream Come True", and campaigns with Nine West and Smashbox Cosmetics.

Episode summariesEdit

The Girl Who Gets Married AgainEdit

Original Airdate: August 9, 2013

Model(s) Type of Wedding
Don & Bianca Shotgun Wedding
Chris H. & Chris S. Same-Sex Marriage
Cory & Marvin Same-Sex Marriage
Chlea ,Mike & Nina Polygamy
Jourdan & Jeremy Hip-Hop
Jiana & Phil Nude Wedding
Renee & Kanani Same-Sex Marriage
Alexandra Objectophilia Wedding
  • First call-out: Alexandra Argo
  • Bottom three: Bianca Alexa,Chris Schellenger & Chris Hernandez
  • Eliminated:Bianca Alexa & Chris Schellenger

The Guy Who Got A Long HairEdit

Model(s) MaDonkeover
Alexandra Amber Highlights
Chlea Long Honey Waves
Chris H. Trim and Lighten
Cory Shaved Off
Don Bleached Blonde and Facial Hair
Jeremy Icy Blonde
Jiana Straight and Black
Jourdan Red, Layered with Bangs
Kanani Long Bob and Darken
Marvin Chocolate Brown
Mike A Fade
Nina Honey Blonde
Phil Wavy Weave
Renee Pixie Cut

Original Airdate: August 16,2013

  • First call-out:  Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Bottom two: Mike Scocozza & Kanani Andaluz
  • Eliminated: Mike Scocazza

The Girl Who Is Scared Of A Trailer ParkEdit

Original Airdate: August 23,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Guy Who Liked A Girl's FaceEdit

Original Airdate: August 30,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Girl Who Gets NailedEdit

Original Airdate: September 7,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Guy Who Gets PaintedEdit

Original Airdate: September 14,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Guy Fails Fashion SchoolEdit

Original Airdate: September 21,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Girl Who Got Bad GradesEdit

Original Airdate: September 28,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Guy & Girl Comes BackEdit

Original Airdate: November 4,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom four:
  • Eliminated:

The Girl Who Had Fruit In The BasketEdit

Original Airdate: November 12,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Bat Who Fell OffEdit

Original Airdate: November 19,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

Guess Who Gets EliminatedEdit

Original Airdate: November 26,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom two:
  • Eliminated:

The Guy & Girl Who Are DatingEdit

Original Airdate: December 2,2013

  • First call-out:
  • Bottom three:
  • Eliminated:

The Guy Or Girl Won Guys & GirlsEdit

Original Airdate: December 9,2013

  • Finale two:
  • America's Next Top Model:
  • Eliminated:

The Comeback SeriesEdit

Much like the America's Next Top Model: College Edition, The Comeback Series also returned online with Bryanboy as its host. The web series follows the eliminated models as they participate in the photo shoots. The audience will once again choose two models to return to the competition.The Contestants who will return is....  &

In Order Of EliminaionEdit

16th.Chris S. 15th.Bianca 14th.Mike 13th. 12th. 11th. 10th. 9th. 8th. 7th. 6th. 5th. 4th. 3rd. 2nd. 1st.

Scoring ChartEdit

Place Model Episode Scores
1 2
TBA Chris H. 31.4 39.5
TBA Cory 34.7 37.4
TBA Don 38.4 38.8
TBA Jeremy 37.4 41.5
TBA Jiana 39.5 37.6
TBA Jourdan 40.6 38.5
TBA Kanani 38.8 30.3
TBA Marvin 41.7 37.2
TBA Nina 37.4 38.5
TBA Phil 37.3 41.6
TBA Renee 35.7 44.8
TBA Alexandra 42.5 38.7
TBA Chlea 39.4 34.7
14th Mike 40.6 26.4
16th/15th Chris S. 22.7 N/A
16th/15th Bianca 23.8 N/A