Series overviewEdit

The first three cycles of America's Next Top Model were filmed in New York City, and was relocated back and forth in cycles 10, 12 and 14. Los Angeles has been filmed throughout most of the cycles starting with the fourth cycle.

Cycle Winner Runner-up(s) No. of contestants Home Destination
Cycle 1 Heather Kuzmich April Wilkner & Nina Burns 14 Venice Beach,CA Greece
Cycle 2 Chris White Jessica Serfaty & Chelsey Hersley 14 New Zealand
Cycle 3 Natalie Peck Molly O'Connell 14 Brazil
Cycle 4 Brittany Brower Mariah Watchmen 14 Amsterdam
Cycle 5 Jen Brody 16 Toranto, Canada N/A
6 TBA TBA 14 New York City Greece

List of judgesEdit

Judges of America's Next Top Model
Judge Cycle
Antm:All-Stars 1 Antm:All-Stars 2 Antm:All-Stars 3 ANTM:All-Stars 4 Cycle 5 ANTM:All-Stars 6
Tyra Banks Main Main
Miss Jay Main Main
Janice Dickinson Main Main
Kate Upton Main
Kelly Cutrone Main Main
Sydney Ford Main
Micheal Rox Main
Sierra Anderson Main